I had the joy of knowing Clarissa at school, and spent a lot of evenings and afternoons with her in the boarding house and at house events. She was always so selfless, i remember when she volunteered to run the 1600m for athletics. She wasn't the fastest runner and did come last, but what was so admirable, was she was willing to do what everyone else didn't want to do or was afraid to do. She was willing to volunteer herself when no one else was willing no matter whether she wanted to or not. Her friends were important to her and she knew how to be there for people. She would always put a smile on our faces when she would buy all her friends roses for Valentine's day, And send cards for Christmas. She sometimes struggled with people and relating to them, but most people wouldn't have known because she made such an effort to be there for people. She will be missed greatly, and I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with her.

Sent by Bethany on 14/04/2018